17 July 2008

Questionable Refereeing Benefit American Sides in 2008 SuperLiga Action

I hate it when a match is decided by a stoppage time penalty kick. Sure it's going to happen, especially at the late stages of the match; players are tired after 90 plus minutes, they make stupid mistakes, etc. So I understand it, but I don’t like it.

What’s worse? When the stoppage time penalty is awarded because of a bad call.

That’s what viewers saw last night as the New England Revolution defeated Pachuca CF on an injury time penalty kick.

Sainey Nyassi drove a cross in to the Pachuca defender, Julio Manzur, with such force that it was always going to hit him. It just so happened to hit him in the arm. So was the ball on target for a goal? No way. Did Manzur reach for the ball, nope. Yet the Costa Rican referee, Walter Quesada, pointed to the spot.

I didn't catch all of the Santos v. Chivas match but apparently Santo’s equalizing goal was disallowed because of an offside call that never happened.

Before last night, I was fairly impressed with the refereeing in the 2008 SuperLiga, considering the bad blood that exists between Mexico and the USA, but bad calls that affect the score line are a quick way to lose fans on both sides of the Rio Grande.

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