23 July 2008

Manchester United vs. Chelsea – the Psychological Battle Begins

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson believes the old boys at Chelsea may not provide much of a challenge for major silverware this coming season.

The BBC reports that Sir Alex believes Liverpool and Arsenal are the true threats to Man U's Premier League title.

Sir Alex’s psychological salvo was launched toward Stamford Bridge with a couple of zingers picked up by the BBC:

"Chelsea are an experienced side and I don't see outstanding progress coming from a team in their 30s."

"I wouldn't write off Liverpool or Arsenal. It has been understated what Arsenal achieved last season."

"I'm not concerned about Chelsea, I just don't know how far that team has got to go…they have lots of experience and big-game temperament and in a sense Scolari is fortunate, joining a big club with a team of internationals, but it's hard to see where there is going to be an improvement. Maybe they have reached a plateau - although perhaps that's not the right word."

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