18 July 2008

Gruffgoat Needs Writers

It's time to freshen up the scenery. We need to showcase other perspectives from around the world. With that in mind, please consider contributing a post or two.

My thinking is, if you're like me, then you're probably already spending time on your favourite football news sources - from Serie A to Australian A-League, or maybe AC Milan to Sydney FC...doesn't matter, if you think it's interesting, chances are so do a lot of other people. Write two or three original lines and link to it. And there you have it, your interest, your perspective, being shared across the world. Pretty cool right?

Email me at footballeratl -at symbol- yahoo -dot- com (sorry for the non linked email, but if I get one more "From the Desk of His Majesty Doctor MBUTO" email, then I think I'm going to scream) and include your main area of interest and preferred username. I'll get you set up to start posting today!