10 July 2008

''Did Calderon tell (former Spanish dictator) Franco (about slavery)? Jesus Christ, give me a break''

That friendly little phrase was uttered by none other than Sir Alex himself when he was told of Real president Ramon Calderon's "slavery" comment regarding Man Utd's alleged treatment of the Portuguese international.

Apparently Calderon challenged Manchester United's contract with Ronaldo a few weeks back by saying "slavery was abolished many, many years ago."

So the war of words around Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be rapidly escalating and it's not looking very pretty.

Now FIFA's very own Sepp Blatter seems to have waded in to the Ronaldo fray with his own editorial when he said yesterday that Manchester United needs to stop treating Ronaldo like a "modern-day" slave.

Folks, if getting paid tens of millions a year is modern day slavery, then please sign me up.

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