15 July 2008

2008 SuperLiga Television Coverage

For those trying to catch 2008 SuperLiga matches on live television in the US, they're only on Telefutura - which incidentally is a great way to beef up on your Spanish. However if you're like me and your cable tv company doesn't carry Telefutura, all is not lost as Plan B is not too shabby.

I was able to tune in to the online MLS feed the night before last and I've got to say the picture and sound quality coming across the computer was pretty darn good. The match commentary - although there is no color commentary - has been respectable as well (I couldn't tell for sure, but it may have been Glenn Davis calling these). At any rate, if you get a chance to tune in tonight online - links to the feeds are below. Enjoy:

D.C. United vs. Atlante at 8:00 PM EST

Houston Dynamo vs. CD Guadalajara at 10:00 PM EST

UPDATE: Follow this link

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