26 June 2008

Spain 3 - Russia 0

Well, what can we say other than that was an emphatic victory for a high quality Spanish side. Spain waited until the second half to figure out how find the back of Russia's net - and find it they did. Three goals came from three different players, Xavi Hernández, Daniel Güiza and David Silva, and Cesc Fabregas proved the pivotal playmaker in David Villa's absence.

Russia could never find a rhythm and the Russian hero of the Netherlands quarterfinal, Andrei Arshavin, was barely a threat.

That being said, Russia provided some fantastic moments in this tournament and, much like the Turks who bowed out yesterday, deserve to head back home with their heads held high.

The final is now set: Germany vs. Spain. A clash of titans and a fitting finale to what has been a thrilling tournament so far.

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